Application procedure for fellowships

Students studying chemistry with the main focus on phytochemistry as well as students studying medicine are given the possibility for making an application. For chemistry students the precondition for acceptance is the succesful finalization of their last exam (master I) with a mark better than 2.9 of 4 possible points. For medicine students the grades from the last four semesters are the basis for the decision on the award of the fellowship.

The application must include:


· handwritten curriculum vitae

· letter of motivation (1 page)

· chemistry students: final grade master I

 (copy of exams chemistry master I)

· medicine students: final grades from the last four semesters

 (copy of certificates from the last four semesters)

· letter of recommendatiom from master I supervisor or professor in medicine

· scholarship application form


Only those applications which comprise complete application documents will be further processed.


Please submit all documents to the following e-mail address:


Applications are welcome every year between 1st October until 12th November. Only applications in English language will be accepted.

After having submitted the application, a preselection of the documents will be carried out and successful applicants studying phytochemistry and medicine will be invited for a personal interview in Doula at Foyer du Marin (hotel close to the “Direction Générale de Douanes”) at a weekend in December. Travel costs will be reimbursed. For phytochemistry and medicine, up to 30 fellowships each can be granted. The total lump sum per fellowship is 500 Euros per semester. To obtain a fellowship for a second semester, a written comprehensive interim report (5 pages) must be submitted before May 1th of the following year including a recommendation letter of the supervising professor. Based on the quality of the submitted documents a written decision regarding granting a second fellowship rate will be given.

At the end of the second semester of the fellowship program a barbecue meeting for all fellowship holders will be organized in Douala which can serve as a starting point for an
Alumni network.

Adolphe Monkiedje fellowships