Goals of the Adolphe Monkiedje Fellowship

Within the frame of Alexander von Humboldt fellowships, Prof. Adolphe Monkiedje visited Germany several times. He investigated the influence of pesticides on domestic crops as well as their stability under tropical and subtropical conditions. Prof. Monkiedje was not only an enthusiastic researcher in the field of bio-organic chemistry but also a person with a winning character who quickly gained many acquaintances in Germany. Unfortunately, in 2006 he passed away due to meningitis. To act in his spirit and in continuation of his extraordinary scientific merits, the Adolphe Monkiedje fellowship program wants to support young excellent Cameroonian students within the frame of their advanced studies (master II or similar) at six universities in Cameroon. The program is designated for phytochemistry students who want to improve their skills in the field of natural products and their use of these products in traditional medicine as well as for students in medicine. With the support of an Adolphe Monkiedje fellowship young excellent students who already proved their excellence during their previous studies should be given an opportunity to efficiently and successfully finalize their studies.

Adolphe Monkiedje fellowships